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Fundraising Tips

Here are some helpful tips and tools shared by top fundraisers across the state to make your fundraising efforts more successful than ever. Choose the ones that suit you best. Be creative and have fun!



Corporate Donations and Matching Gifts

When you are creating a list of people to ask for donations, do not forget corporate donations. Think about the different companies you deal with on a daily basis (including the one you work for) and consider them as possible contributors. Companies and people that you do business with on a regular basis are great prospects to start with. View a list of companies that have matching gift programs. 

Many companies have a matching gift program for employees who make charitable contributions. All company-matching gifts count towards your fundraising total! Matching gift programs vary from company to company. There are often minimum and maximum donation levels, and the matching level also varies. To learn more information about your employer’s matching gift program and policies, contact your human resources department.



Live Events

Please check back as events are added regularly!