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Golf MS

Welcome to Golf MS!

Golf MS

Golf MS is an opportunity for those who love the game of golf to create help create a world free of MS. Anyone can make a tee time and play a round of golf (or two) from May through September and raise funds while doing it to help support the MS Society.

Our Official Partner Golf Courses provide two FREE rounds of golf for each Golf MS participant. Golf MS participants also have the choice of golfing at a non-partner course and raising funds. Plan your own company golf outing or devote a day at your golf league to the MS Society. Wherever you play golf, you can help to fight MS!

How to Participate

  • Foursome team captains MUST register first. Each other team member can then register shortly thereafter. Team members can be recruited at any time, but we ask that you please do so at least one week prior to your team's day of golf.
  • There is a minimum fundraising requirement of $100 per golfer at partner golf courses. Please plan to have at least the minimum amount turned in by the day of golf, and then continue to fundraise afterwards.
  • If you are joining a foursome and you are not a team captain, please FIRST verify your team's captain has registered a team in the event. Your Team Captain can provide you with a Team Page URL which includes a registration link; or, you can use the Team Search functionality of the Registration page.
  • Our complete list of Golf MS Partner Courses will grow as the year progresses; bookmark our Partner Golf Courses page to stay up to date on and choose where you would like to play.

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Fueling Progress

We are the largest private funder of MS research in the world.
There are more therapies approved for treating MS — and more in the pipeline — than at any other time in history.
People affected by MS have access to more life-changing services than ever.

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